Established in 2012, the International Transgender Certification
Association is the FIRST Training Program created to certify
Therapists and Professionals in their fields to work with this
exclusive population.
The Leading Transgender
Education Program


Our Students have access to our "Dream Team" of Professionals
and our complete list of Resources and Templates to help
with their Practices. Courses are also available via Webinar.
We care about
our Students


Our Instructors have been involved with the Transgender Community
for decades; visionaries and pioneers in the field of Trans-Education
Each truly dedicated in caring for this underserved population.
Knowledgable Instructors
experts in their fields!
Transgender Certification Graduates


Upon completion of the program, Board Certified Transgender Care Therapists,
and Professionals are eligible for a listing in our Resource Directory
for the Transgender Community.
Vetted Resources for Transgender Care

Transgender Care Therapy Certification Training

Our Program offers professional training and certification for working with the Transgender Community.

Expand your therapy practice and become a Transgender Care Therapist through our specialized Training.

The International Transgender Certification Association (ITCA) provide’s credentialing, standards of practice, professional identity, and self-regulation for service providers of the Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary Community. Therefore, this training is ideal for Clinicians, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Case Managers and those individuals who work directly with a Gender Expansive population and are looking for formal training and continuing education credits.

The purpose of ITCA is to provide a comprehensive training that credentials healthcare professionals and community providers by promoting ethical guidelines, offering training and education, and developing networking resources. Upon completion of our course, you will receive documentation to certify that you are a Transgender Care Therapist/Professional (TCT/TCP) and be awarded continuing education credits for your participation.

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Our Board of Directors

Jessica Lam

Vice President | Class Instructor

Carol Clark

Board President | Class Instructor

Marilyn Volker

Board Member at Large | Class Instructor

Maylin Batista

Secretary of the Board

What Our Students are Saying


Carrie Jacobs, Psy. D

The class was absolutely amazing and I love the way the curriculum is taught and I also love how the course stays on topic and mindful of time!  I’m happy that I decided to register for this and know I’ll be a better therapist. It was just so fabulous and I feel like I got such a wealth of information.


Lori K. Hall, Psy.D.

I just wanted to thank you again for everything. I had joint commission come to my door at the VA this week; The woman asked me if I had a specialty and I told her I am the LGBT VCC. She was intrigued. I told her about our program, what I do, and my certification. She put me on the agenda and came to spend time with me. Not to audit, but to learn. She took notes and was so thrilled by my knowledge, especially in transgender care. I explained about the ITCA program, showed her the WPATH standards of care, and emphasized consistent, insistent, and persistent. She wants to bring some of this knowledge forward to struggling organizations.

In the end, we got a glowing review because of ME!!! LOL, and I owe that to YOU!! Thank you for the program and your continued support!! ❤


Bente Sterrett

The practical information about needs and medical interventions was massively helpful. I have a much better idea of what questions to ask, how to support / guide through various processes.


Nora Sahly

It’s great that it that there was an option to take this comprehensive course. I liked that I felt the course was in a professional and inclusive environment, with best speakers and faculty. The Panels were phenomenal. Well organized and detailed with wealth of information and a plethora of valuable Resources and Support.


Elnaz Mayeh

I learned how to competently and confidently work with transgender individuals who struggle with gender dysphoria. I learned about the transition process, the importance of not making assumptions, the right questions to ask, the importance of collaborating with other professionals, and providing proper referrals for additional support. Additionally, I learned how to write and what to include in carry letter and Gender Affirming Surgery letters.


Calista Naismith, PT, BSc, MScPT, PgCSH, ACC

This will change how I practice as it will make me more aware and understanding of the transition process as well as how to appropriately treat and address transgender individuals. It has taught me as well how to be an advocate and in what areas I can work on promoting and creating more access to transgender care.

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Heather Coll

The training was very informative, interesting, and will certainly promote my ability to work with the transgender community. I feel that much more competent to work with the transgender community and regret not taking this training sooner.