All students will complete a 52-hour educational training course.

Upon completion of the training, students will engage in 4 hours of supervision with one or more of the ITCA trainers. Students will practice assessment and evaluation, transition planning, family counseling, and hormone/surgery recommendation letter-writing.

Upon completion of the program, Board Certified Transgender Care Specialists, Professionals, and Therapists are eligible for a listing in our Resource Directory for the Transgender Community.

Terms & Conditions:

All students may register online and will receive confirmation of payment. Unless otherwise arranged, full payment is required in advance or on the first day of training. Cancellations must be received in writing one week before training. After this date, you may substitute another person at any time by submitting written authorization.

Therapists must submit copies of their clinical license and liability insurance with their registration.

Therapists and Psychologists MAY NOT be certified at the specialist level.

The training is offered in a choice of media: in person, online via live webinar, or a combination. Students are responsible for the quality of their internet connection and will need a webcam, microphone, and speakers.

If you have any disabilities for which special attention is required, please advise of your requirements.


A student may withdraw from the program 48 hours prior to starting the program with a valid reasonable explanation. Refund will be given for any tuition paid (-3% processing fee). Withdrawal from Program or Workshop must be made in person, via email with “Read Confirmation” or response from a valid Board Member or via Certified Mail with delivery confirmation.

If a student withdraws after beginning classes, tuition in the amount of $50 per classroom hour will be due to ITCA. Any moneys paid in excess of this will be refunded. If a student withdraws prior to completion of Case Consultation, fees in the amount of $50 per hour will be due to ITCA. Fees paid in excess of that amount will be refunded.

Textbooks are the property of the student and are not subject to refund.


Students may be terminated from the program by the ITCA Board for just cause as described under the Student’s responsibility section. Refunds in this case will be the same as student withdrawals.


Students have the right to:

  • All statutory rights – laws passed by Congress, privacy right-information in students’ records, and protection from improper disclosures; civil or federal right – right secured under the federal constitution or federal civil right law (freedom of expression, assembly).
  • Quality instruction and/or educational experiences.
  • Access to the instructor throughout the program.
  • Information regarding application procedures.
  • Information regarding tuition, fees, refund policies and procedures.
  • Information regarding how satisfactory completion is determined.

Students have the responsibility to:

  • Pay all tuition, fees, and other expenses.
  • Comply with the Student Conduct Policy
  • Be aware of the educational objectives of the institution, comprehend the ITCA evaluation criteria, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Know their due-process guarantees and understand the appeals procedures.

Students may withdraw from the program at any time. Financial obligations in the event of withdrawal are described in the “Cancellation and Refund Policy” as stated above.

Students may be terminated from the Institute for the following reasons:
• Failure to maintain contracted payment schedule.
• Non-adherence to any student responsibilities.