Sept. 9-12 and Nov. 4-7, 2021:
Transgender Care Therapist Training

  • TGC 701: Foundations of Transgender Care 0/11

    In this section, you will learn the role of a transgender care professional and learn the various terminology classifications of the trans individual.

    • Lecture 1.1
      Program Process w/needs assessment Copy
  • TGC 702: Transition Challenges 0/6

    In this section you'll learn in depth challenges faced by trans people.

    • Lecture 2.1
      Challenges faced by Trans People – Part I Copy
  • TGC 703-A: Evaluation, Assessments and Differential Diagnosis 0/7

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  • TGC 703-B: Transgender Psychiatry 0/3

  • TGC 704-A: Medical Interventions: Hormones 0/4

  • TGC 704-B: Medical Interventions: Surgeries 0/3

  • Areas of Remediation 0/4

  • TGC 705-A: Transition through the Lifespan: Child and Adolescent Care 0/3

  • TGC 706: Treatment Planning & Therapeutic Issues 0/1

  • TGC 705-B: Transition through the Lifespan: Senior Care 0/2

  • Religion & Spirituality 0/2

  • TGC 708: Significant Others, Families, Friends and Allies (SOFFAS) 0/1

  • History Timeline & Cultural Competency 0/2

Program Process w/needs assessment Copy

Laying the Foundations of Care

Introduction and Orientation to training

Describe program process w/needs assessment

  1. Lack of knowledgeable service providers
  2. Need for personal counseling
  3. Need for letters of recommendation from experts
  4. Support & education for family, friends, and employers

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