• Duration: 3 hours

Gender DeTRANSition:

Here To There And Back Again

Training Date: June 18, 2021

Completion Credit: 3 CEU’s


As the world becomes better educated on Gender Dysphoria and the new terminologies emerging under a Gender Expansive Umbrella, we are coming to discover a growing trend… De-Transitioners. Is this a phenomena or is it simply regret? There can be various reasons why someone who has gone through the challenges of conforming into a new gender, which may later have them decide to revert to, what one might believe would be what nature would have intended for them. How would therapists and professionals navigate through this? Through this Workshop we will explore the possibilities of preventing detransition, navigating through a detransition, and underline the many challenges that clinicians might face when treating individuals with gender dysphoria.

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to…

  1. recall range of gender transitions
  2. identify 3 reasons for detransitioning
  3. cite ways counselors can help transgender individuals in detransitioning.



  • New Terminologies and Vocabulary 0/1

  • Expectations and Realizations 0/2

  • Cultural and Political Impact 0/2

  • Steps on De-Transitioning 0/3

  • Support, Prevention and Validation 0/3



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