Feb. 25-28 and Apr. 15-18, 2021:
Transgender Care Therapist Training

  • TGC 701: Foundations of Transgender Care 0/6

    In this section, you will learn the role of a transgender care professional and learn the various terminology classifications of the trans individual.

  • The Transition Process 0/2

    In this section you'll learn various paths that each person may take and learn the various changes available for transition.

  • TGC 702: Transition Challenges 0/6

    In this section you'll learn in depth challenges faced by trans people.

    • Lecture 3.1
      Challenges faced by Trans People – Part I
  • TGC 703-A: Evaluation, Assessments and Differential Diagnosis 0/7

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  • TGC 703-B: Transgender Psychiatry 0/3

  • TGC 704-A: Medical Interventions: Hormones 0/4

  • TGC 704-B: Medical Interventions: Surgeries 0/3

  • Areas of Remediation 0/4

  • TGC 705-A: Transition through the Lifespan: Child and Adolescent Care 0/3

  • TGC 705-B: Transition through the Lifespan: Senior Care 0/2

  • TGC 706: Treatment Planning & Therapeutic Issues 0/1

  • Religion & Spirituality 0/2

  • TGC 708: Significant Others, Families, Friends and Allies (SOFFAS) 0/1

  • History Timeline & Cultural Competency 0/2

Describe program process w/needs assessment

Overview of Motivational Enhancement Stages of Change


  1. Mental Health Evaluation and Therapy
  2. Hair Removal
  3. Hormone Therapy
  4. Genital Reconstruction Surgery
  5. Facial Feminization Surgery
  6. Voice Therapy
  7. Decisions
  1. Describe the stages of transition from a Motivational Therapy perspective. Discuss various paths each person may take.
  2. Assist an individual in each stage of the coming out process
  3. Describe the various changes available for transition.

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