• Students: 18
  • Duration: 5 hours

The TransEvolution of the Last Decade

Training Date: October 23, 2020

Completion Credit: 5 CEU’s

In an effort to better ensure continuing competency and knowledge and thus better serve the evolving Transgender and Non-Binary Communities, ITCA presents the Trans-evolution Workshop to further educate our Transgender Care Therapists on current challenges, accomplishments and information.



  • New Terminologies and Vocabulary 0/1

  • Changes in Government Policies, Laws & Justice Systems 0/3

  • The New Disclosure Models 0/3

  • Evolution of Trans Representation in Modern Society 0/3

  • Learning from those of varying abilities 0/1

  • Changes in Our Cultural Wheel 0/3

  • De-Transitioning 0/1

  • Trans Community Challenges 0/2



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